We need a little bit of information from you in order to give you the most accurate and reasonable free SEO quote for your specific business. The information you provide will help us do the necessary research to establish what is required to rank your website successfully for your chosen keywords.

There are a few factors that need to be taken into consideration with each new client, including :

  • The age of your website (how long has it existed for).
  • The on-site optimization for for your chosen keywords (how prevalent are the keywords you have chosen on your website).
  • The existing competition in your business niche. How strong are your competitors ? For example the competition for “chameleon trainer cape town” would be a lot lower than “divorce lawyer cape town”.
  • Previous SEO work performed on your website. Are there any low quality or “spammy” backlinks pointing to your website that could potentially be harming your website’s ranking ?

We unfortunately do not take on clients whose websites contain :

  • Adult content
  • Gambling related content

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