Why does my Google Ranking change ?

Checking your website’s rank in Google’s search results obsessively can be become a problem for a lot of people. When your website drops 4 or five positions, or even ten or twenty, you may find yourself breaking out into a cold sweat! The good news is, it’s not always necessary to start panicking immediately. Fluctuations in your SERP (search engine result pages) position are normal, particularly with a new website. There’s no need to panic immediately and start making dramatic change to the content and layout of your website.

The SERP results you are seeing could be affected by your search history, especially if you are logged into a Google account at the same time. It’s normally best to check your SERP results using a professional tool like SERPBook. SERPBook allows you track your website’s position for keywords that you choose, and is one of the best tools available for this. I think they even offer a 14 day free trial, so it’s worth a look. It is by far the most accurate way to keep an eye on your ranking.

Often, a new website may enjoy an initial good ranking but then only slip back several places a few days or weeks later. This could be because Google has found the website to be “new content” and offers it up to searchers higher up in the search results. This new website’s position will not always be maintained and the website more often than not will drop its position.

Your position may drop because your competition are running campaigns which are pushing their websites up the SERP’s. A burst in Social Signals pointing to your competition’s website could definitely have an impact on their SERP results for a short period of time.

It’s important to try not to become too obsessive over monitoring every little change in your ranking. There are always going to be little gains and losses. The most important thing is that your position does settle and eventually begin climbing again, that the bigger picture shows an upward trend. If your website continues to steadily fall in the rankings, then only is there cause for concern and a need to take a closer look.

Best Regards

Carl Heyns