SEO ChecklistSEO Strategy Checklist

When thinking about SEO strategy, you want to think about it in terms of components.  In this post, we’re going to talk about 6 components you need in your SEO strategy, where if you don’t check off these items, you’re leaving traffic on the table.

Now, before any hardcore SEO’ers jump in and want to explain why their are 18 different components to a successful SEO strategy checklist, please bare in mind, these are the major SEO STRATEGY FAILfactors and we’re keeping it simple.  Without these, your SEO strategy is destined to FAIL!

So, that being said, let’s get right to it!


  1. Keywords:  Keywords are as simple as they sound, yet complex at the same time.  What words do people type in search engines to find your product or service?  Well, before that, what are you targeting?  What is your business or service about?  What long tail keywords suit your websites needs?  You want to stick a suitable number of these keywords on your site to let the search engines know what your website is about, so in turn, the search engines can let the people know when they search for your product or service.
  2. Social Media:  This is new, and therefore divisive.  Social signals, engagement, mentions, followers, etc. are starting to matter online according to search engines.  And, as it should.  Building a follower base and getting people talking about your brand is important.  Imagine social media mentions and following, as well as engagement as votes of confidence in the eyes of the search engines.  Spend time and effort on this as it has many other benefits other than just SEO.
  3. Meta Tags:  Wait, these things are still around?  They certainly are and they definitely matter.  Meta Tags are essentially the title of your page as well as the description.  When you type something into Google, and it returns search results, you are prominently looking at Meta Tags.  If your SEO Strategy does not entail cleaning up your websites meta tags, you are making a foolish mistake.
  4. Images:  In terms of SEO strategy, this one is a biggie, especially if you have a lot of visual content on your site.  Look at it this way, as smart as Google is, it is not yet a full SEO Strategy Searchblown T – 800 artificially intelligent robot yet.  Therefore, when interpreting photos, it cannot know what it is looking at unless you tell it with text.  Setting the alternative text or “alt text” of images tells the search engine what it is looking at.  This also helps the search engine identify what your site is about based on the pictures on it.
  5. Content: DUH!  Still, sometimes the obvious is worth mentioning.  Search engines have moved away from keywords and more towards content in determining what sites it should show its searchers.  Search engines ultimately want to deliver you the best page that will give you exactly what you are looking for; and how you do that is content.  Filling your pages with rich content (using your keywords!) is the best way to improve your standing in the search engines.
  6. Links:  For those holding your breath waiting when this would show up, breath easy.  I mentioned above “votes of confidence” for websites according to the search engines.  Well, links are the biggest and best votes of confidence.  When another site links to yours, it is saying:  “Hey, we like this site a lot and we think its an authority on this subject matter.  Give it a hug!”  The more hugs the better.  When developing your SEO strategy, coming up with a good white hat way to get links is worth its weight in gold.

Without these, your SEO strategy is destined to FAIL!