SEO Explained :

SEO or search engine optimization is the art of convincing Google and other search engines to display your website higher in their search results. Preferably on page one, and ideally in  the the top three results. There are several areas and factors that need to be looked at closely when performing SEO on a website. Onsite optimization. Server speed and reliability. Website architecture. Page speed, image optimization. Keywords, Headings and formatting, tags and naming conventions. And of course content. Then there’s Offsite Optimization. Press Releases, Directory Submissions, Blog Entries, Social Media Signals and Backlinks.

All of these factors play a role in how Google and other search engines will position your website in their search engine results. If you want to be found when somebody searches “dentist Cape Town”, but that keyword phrase doesn’t appear anywhere on your website, your chances of doing well in the rankings are slim. It doesn’t matter how visually appealing the website is, it just wont rank well.

If your website does contain the relevant keyword phrase, but has none or very few incoming links (links coming from other websites), it will not stand much chance against similar competitor sites that do have backlinks (incoming links). On the other hand, your site may have hundreds of incoming links, but if these are coming from low value sites, they will carry little value and not effect your ranking position much.

Having a presence on Social media channels like Facebook, Pinterest, Google + and even Youtube can have an impact on your website’s ranking position. Something as simple as including a video to engage users on your homepage can have a big impact on our position.

The technical aspects of SEO can be discussed in detail and at great length, these are not necessarily things you as a business owner need to understand fully.  What is important is that if you invest in SEO, you get a return on your investment. You get more traffic to your website, more enquiries about your products and services and ultimately more sales and conversions. SEO results are measurable. Google ranking does not lie, you’re either in the top few positions, getting traffic and leads, or you’re not. If you pay for for SEO services, you need to see results. Contrary to what some “SEO Experts” may tell you, SEO does not take months and months before you see improvement in your rankings. Professional SEO can yield great results in 30 to 40 days.