What are Social Signals ?

Social signals are all the likes, shares, tweets, pins, views and votes your webpage may accumulate across social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Youtube, Linkedin etc. The question is, do these social signals have an effect on your website’s SEO and its position in the SERP’s ? Although nobody knows exactly what all the factors are that make up Google’s search algorithm, we do know that there are more than 200 of them. And social signal are definitely something which is taken into consideration.

What does this mean for SEO ? On the whole, a website cannot be ranked well using social SEO alone, however, Google does pay attention to social signals. Let’s say for example that your website suddenly finds itself the focus of attention and is shared, tweeted, liked and commented about on social media. Without a doubt, Google will notice this and respond by serving your website higher up in the results pages, thereby trying to satisfy searchers with new and current content. This improvement in ranking will not necessarily remain, but only have effect whilst the social media platforms are buzzing about your website.

So whilst social signals are not critical to your website’s SEO and its ranking, you most definitely can benefit by having accounts on the social networks related to your website. Setting up a Facebook Business page, a Twitter account, a Linkedin profile or Youtube channel can only benefit you in the long run.

Best Regards

Carl Heyns